How does it work?

How to hire


1.- Tell us your needs.

Contact us and we will offer you the best options for your journey.
You can contact us by telephone +34 971 07 91 04, email or on the website form.

2.- Choose your flight.

Choose the option you are interested in and confirm the details of the operation. One of our executives will guide and advise you in this process.

3- Contract the service.

Formalise the contract and choose the payment method, either by transfer or credit card. That’s all – your aeroplane is waiting for you in the chosen airport!


How does it work?

Arrive at the airport at the time indicated by our specialists (between 20 and 30 minutes prior to take-off) and don’t worry about anything else; we will take care of everything.

For the greatest comfort, if you wish, a car with a chauffeur will pick you up at your point of departure.

una forma de volar exclusiva

A different and exclusive way to fly

You will fly from the airport which is most convenient and arrive at the airport closest to your destination, meanwhile avoiding queues, delays, connections and other bothers.

You will discover the exclusive experience of a flight designed around you; a private flight with Aerobroker.

Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost to hire a private jet?

The cost of chartering a private flight varies depending on the type of aeroplane and the journey itinerary.
As a guideline, we can locate a turboprop aeroplane or a light jet from €1,400 per flight hour, a midsize jet from €2,700 per flight hour, and heavy jets from €5,700 per flight hour, depending on the itinerary, operator, airports and other operational requirements.

Can I choose the type of aeroplane in which I will fly when I contract an executive jet?

Certainly. The Aerobroker website has an aeroplane guide to allow you to choose the aeroplane which best meets your needs.
In any case, Aerobroker staff will advise you on the model which best fits your itinerary, airports and chosen services when you make your choice, always offering you the best prices.

How much notice is necessary when requesting a flight?

With more notice, more offers and better prices can be obtained.

How much time is needed to contract an jet?

Contracting times vary mainly according to the destination country and the availability of aeroplanes and crew. Flights within Europe can be contracted with a few hours of take-off.

Can you fly with pets on a private flight?

We need to know in advance if you are going to travel with pets, to ensure that the chosen aeroplane accepts pets on board.


How do I reserve an executive flight?

Contact one of our specialists and they will help you to plan your journey. You can telephone +34 971 07 91 04 or email You can also send a request online through our website form.

How is a private flight paid for?

We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card (this option has an additional charge). All operations must be paid for in advance.

What do I have to do once I have contracted a private jet? Where do I have to go in the airport?

Our specialist will send you a protocol specific to your itinerary where you will find all the details which you may need. We monitor your flight 24 hours a day, monitoring the previous flights of the contracted aeroplane.

The service

What services does Aerobroker offer which other operators do not?

Aerobroker offers you an exclusive combination of professionalism, service and efficiency.
With Aerobroker you will have a single contact person who will coordinate and contract all your journey requirements. We work for you so that you do not have to worry about anything.

What does Aerobroker’s offer include?

Aerobroker’s offers are complete and closed, and include all necessary charges to complete the contracted journey. With Aerobroker you will not have any surprises. Any charge not included in the Price will be specified in our offer.
The Aerobroker service is flexible to adapt to clients’ needs; if an extra service is requested during the operation, it will be quoted and billed separately.

Can I choose the catering offered on the flight?

Of course! The aeroplane’s catering will be to your taste in all details. You will choose between our standard options, or if you wish we will design a personal menu for the occasion.

To what extent can I personalise my private flight?

As far as you wish. At Aerobroker we are specialists in taking care of details. We will do everything possible to satisfy your requirements.
To give an example, one of our clients combined a private jet with military helicopters to visit gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda. During the journey our client chose a specific soundtrack and a themed dinner was made on the aeroplane.

Can several stopovers be made in different locations on the same day?

Of course, you design your own itinerary. Aeroplanes for business flights frequently take an executive to business meetings over the course of a day, returning to their starting point at night.

Can I alter the flight plan if a meeting is delayed?

Yes, these are private flights which adapt to your needs at every moment.

Can I add more passengers at the last minute if a commitment arises?

Yes, as long as the aeroplane’s capacity allows it. In case it does not, if we have time to carry out the operation, we will substitute your aeroplane for one with a larger capacity. Subject to additional charges.


The safety of our flights is the essence of our work. The operators, jet and crews which we work with comply with the security regulations of either the European Union (JAA), the United States (FAA) or of your country of origin and are the object of rigorous controls by the competent authorities. The operators which work with us are committed to fulfilling the most demanding practices of pilot training and aircraft maintenance.

All aeroplanes used comply with the international and national regulations of the countries in which adequate inspections and maintenance are operated and supported.

Aerobroker is a business which operates on behalf of its clients. Aerobroker does not own or operate its own aeroplanes, and is therefore especially careful in selecting the operators with which it works to guarantee the safety of its operations.


All the operators with which Aerobroker works have a security policy which complies with the requirements of the international regulations on the transport of passengers by air.

Each journey is insured by our exclusive Aerobroker Service guarantee without any additional cost to you. We want to be sure that your flight will arrive at its destination, regardless of any issues which arise with the aircraft or its operator. If the aeroplane is delayed for a technical fault, or if the operator goes bankrupt before your flight, we guarantee to provide you with an alternative solution, satisfying your requirements.

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