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These Conditions of Use govern access and use of the websites that are accessed through the aerobroker.es domain names and their respective subdomains (hereinafter referred to interchangeably as “the Website”). By using this Website a third party becomes a User of the Website (hereinafter “the User”) and this implies that they have accepted all the terms stated in these Conditions of Use. Should they not agree with the Conditions of Use, the User must immediately leave the Website without using it.

Por medio de la aceptación de las presentes Condiciones de uso, el Usuario manifiesta:

By accepting these Conditions of Use, the User hereby declares:
a. That they have, read and understood the terms stated herein.
b. That they assume all the obligations contained in these terms.
The User must review the different versions of these Conditions of Use each time they access the Website as they are subject to amendments.

The Website owner reserves the right to make amendments to or update the Website content or services at any time and without the need for prior notice, and the Conditions of Use and, in general, any elements that comprise the design and configuration of the Website.

1. General Website information

En cumplimiento de lo establecido por el artículo 10 de la Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico, a continuación se ofrece la información general del Sitio Web:

Aerobroker Servicios Aéreos SL (hereinafter “Aerobroker”).
Registered address:
C/ San Miguel 68-A, 4º 07002 Palma de Mallorca. Spain.
(+34) 971 07 91 04
Registration details:
Registered in the Commercial Register of Palma, volume 2254, page 57151, entry 2.

2. Normas de utilización del Sitio Web

The User is under obligation to use the Website and all its content and services in accordance with the law, morality, public order and these Conditions of Use. They may not use it for illegal or criminal activities, activities that infringe the rights of third parties and/or regulations on intellectual and industrial property or any other applicable legal regulations.

For illustration purposes, but under no circumstances limited to or exclusively, the User agrees that they will not:

I.- Enter or disseminate content or advertising that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, supports terrorism or contravenes human rights.

II.- Enter or disseminate data programs in the network (viruses and harmful software) that are likely to damage the IT systems of the access supplier, their suppliers or third party Users of the Internet network.

III.- Disseminate, transfer or make available to third parties any information, element or content that contravenes fundamental rights and public liberties recognised constitutionally and by international treaties.

IV.- Disseminate, transfer or make available to third parties any information, element or content that represents illegal or unfair advertising.

V.- Circulate unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, advertising materials, junk mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other type of soliciting, except in areas (such as retail environments) that have been exclusively designed for this purpose.

VI.- Enter or disseminate any information or false, ambiguous or inaccurate content that leads to an error on the part of the information receiver.

VII.- Impersonate other Users using their registration passwords to the Website services and/or content.

VIII.- Disseminate, transfer or make available to third parties any information, element or content that infringes intellectual and industrial property rights, patents, brands or copyright belonging to the owners of the Website or third parties.

IX.- Disseminate, transfer or make available to third parties any information, element or content that infringes the secrecy of communication and legislation on personal data.

The User undertakes to hold AEROBROKER harmless from any claims, fines, penalties or sanctions for which it may be liable as a result of the User failing to comply with any of the rules of use stated herein, AEROBROKER also reserving the right to apply for compensation for any corresponding damages.

3. Exclusion of Liability

AEROBROKER shall not be held liable in the event that the Website is not up to date, nor does it guarantee that the information published therein is correct or complete. Therefore, the User must confirm that the published information is correct and complete before making a decision related to any service or content described on the Website.

AEROBROKER is under no obligation to ensure that the Website is free from viruses, worms or any other computer-damaging element when the User accesses the Website. The User should have suitable tools for detecting and eliminating computer-damaging programs at all times.

AEROBROKER shall not be held liable for damage that is caused to the software and computer equipment of the User or third parties while using the services provided on the Website, or damages of any type that occur due to faults or connection malfunctions in the telecommunication network that suspend, cancel or interrupt the Website service before or while it is being provided.

AEROBROKER may, under its own criteria and without the need for prior notice, temporarily or permanently suspend access to and/or publication of the Website on the Internet and the services provided therein. Under no circumstances shall AEROBROKER be held liable for these actions.

4. Content and services linked through the Website

The Website may include technical linking devices, directories and even search tools that can be used by the User to access other web pages and Internet portals (hereinafter, “Linked Sites”). In these cases, AEROBROKER shall only be liable for the content and services supplied on the Linked Sites to the extent that it becomes aware of any illegal content and does not remove the link with due diligence. In the event that the User believes there to be a Linked Site with illegal or unsuitable content, they should contact AEROBROKER, but under no circumstances does this communication imply any obligation for the relevant link to be removed.

Under no circumstances shall the presence of Linked Sites presuppose any agreement with the managers or owners of these sites, or that AEROBROKER recommends, promotes or identifies with the statements, content or services provided therein.

AEROBROKER is not aware of the content and services of the Linked Sites and, therefore, shall not be held liable for damages that occur due to the illegality, invalidity, quality, unavailability, inaccuracy and ineffectiveness of the content and services of the Linked Sites, or for any other damages that are not directly attributable to AEROBROKER.

5. Intellectual and industrial property

All Website content, which is understood to include, by way of illustration, the text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual and sound content, graphic design and source code, are the intellectual property of AEROBROKER or third parties, and the operating rights recognised by current legislation on intellectual property are not considered to have been transferred to the User.

The brands, commercial names and distinctive signs belong to AEROBROKER or third parties, and accessing the Website shall not confer any rights to them.

In particular, with reference to content that the User may publish on the Website, directly or through AEROBROKER, all rights to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate and transform this content shall be exclusively transferred by the User to AEROBROKER with no charge, with worldwide scope for the maximum legally established period of protection, so that the services requested or used by the User may be provided correctly.

6. Null and void clauses

If any clause of these Conditions of Use should be declared fully or partially null and void, this nullity or voidability shall only affect the relevant clause or the part declared null and void, the remaining Conditions of Use continuing to be valid and the relevant provision being fully or partially excluded.

7. Applicable legislation and competent courts

These Conditions of Use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. AEROBROKER and the User agree to submit any dispute that may arise between them in relation to accessing and/or using the Website to the Courts and Tribunals of Palma de Mallorca, unless the law decrees otherwise.

Version in force from 06 May 2014.

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