Why a private jet?

For your comfort, for flexibility, because your time is the most important.

ahorro de tiempo

Save time

A private flight allows you to choose the closest airports, avoiding the schedule adjustments and delays of a regular airline. Additionally it uses private terminals with a faster access, allowing you to arrive at the airport and board just a few minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off.


Minimisation of operational incidents (delays, waiting, etc.)

Flights are always direct (without stopovers) according to your requirements.

Proximity to your final destination.


You choose the flight times which are best for your needs, as well as being able to modify them on the go. Additionally, hiring a private jet allows you to arrive at airports where regular airlines do not have access.

Total flexibility in flight schedules.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your aeroplane is waiting for your, you will never miss the flight.

Access to any airport.

lujo y confort

Luxury, comfort and discretion

Enjoy your flight in jet with luxurious cabins which offer the highest levels of comfort, equipped with the latest technology on board, and with a first class catering service.

No check-in queues.

No boarding queues.

No lost baggage.

Access to the aeroplane from exclusive boarding areas.

Your choice of flight equipment.

Maximum discretion.

VIP service

We can provide you with what you need. We are here to make your journey an unforgettable experience; just tell us what you need.

Limousine service with chauffeur.

Any detail which you specify: A bottle of exclusive champagne? A bouquet of flowers? A special meal? Seats which transform into comfortable beds?

Transfers to the airport and to your final destination.

servicios vip

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