Why Aerobroker?

Our experience, our service, your peace of mind.

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Aerobroker, a team of specialists at your service

Aerobroker is made up of a team of professionals, dedicated for over 20 years to the management of charter and executive flights. Our success is based on the development of distinguishing and exclusive services for each type of client.

At Aerobroker we have the experience and know-how which make us the benchmark partner in air services for the main travel agencies and companies in Europe.

Our difference

Bespoke flights

Each journey with Aerobroker is a customised project. You know what you need; you just have to ask us for it.

Optimised prices

Aerobroker is an independent business. We search for the best offer for you without any commitment to companies or operators.

24/7 supervision

Our flight programmes are supervised by specialists who continuously monitor your flight, ensuring that it takes off fulfilling each and every one of the requirements requested.

Personalised services

We make every journey a unique experience which exceeds your expectations. Pick-up at the foot of the aeroplane, personalised catering, flight attendant service on board, Wi-Fi, etc.

Single contact person

One Aerobroker project manager is in charge of making sure that your requirements are met according to your wishes, and will be responsible for your journey until it has finished.


Over 10 years successfully and satisfactorily managing the private flights and hire of executive aeroplanes for our clients.

If you want to know more about our business, visit the Aerobroker Air Services corporate website

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